Matar Al-Harthi

Vice President for Mining and Minerals

Over the past 25 years, Mr. Al Harthi occupied multiple roles in strategy and business development at both, a corporate and government level with focus on steel. Mr. Al Harthi roles included leading the SABIC 2020 Strategy Team for Metals, Management of HADEED Strategy,  Chairman of Takamul Iron Ore Project in Mauritania, and Serving as SABIC Executive Leader in Local Content.

Matar is currently the EVP for Minerals and Metals at the National Industrial Development Center where is leads the Metals and Building Materials sectors new development through developing and attracting key global investments to build and sustain the industrial base, create jobs,  and improve the GDP.  Matar has recently, led the development of the National Steel Restructuring Plan which resulted in strengthening, building and sustaining to the Saudi Steel sector through policy improvements, new manufacturing capacity addition that place the kingdom at an exceptional industrial position in terms of supply chane.

Matar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from OUM.