SIIS 2022: Next decade to be time of Saudi Arabia, transformations irreversible

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 12 The innovative approach of Vision 2030 is gradually crystallizing in changes in one of the most traditional industries in Saudi Arabia, which is steel. The opening day of the 2nd Saudi International Iron and Steel Conference (SIIS) held on September 12-14 in the sunny and hospitable Riyadh gave a strong message about the irreversible transformations in the Kingdom.

SIIS: Saudi Arabia implements massive flat steel expansion

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 14 The versatile industry of Saudi Arabia with the hydrocarbon sector at its pinnacle requires value-added and niche flat steel products. Being focused on the implementation of Vision 2030 goals, the Kingdom has the ambition to substitute the import flow of these products with its own capacity.

SIIS: MENA steel consumption to grow in next five years

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 14 The continuing recovery of the economy after the pandemic crises has a direct impact on the steel demand in the MENA region. Planned megaprojects will stimulate construction activities and support the positive dynamics of steel consumption. However, the growth rate will not be enough for some countries in the region to fully load the existing capacities.

Egypt and KSA look to stronger business ties, including steel sector

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 20 Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which have common cultural aspects, have been talking about the expansion of business ties. Both are looking to integrating the industrial sectors, including steel segment. It might be a win-win situation.

SIIS: MENA steelmakers unable to benefit from demand growth without backward integration

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 21 Key GCC producers continue to take steps to maintain business efficiency and raise competitiveness, being supported by the higher income from the hydrocarbon sector. The upward integration of the production chain is one of the measures helping cope with high costs. Top CEOs exchanged their opinions and practical cases on how to overcome the issues during the session moderated by Metal Expert as part of the 2nd Saudi International Iron and Steel Conference (SIIS) held last week in Riyadh.

SIIS: Saudi Arabia to maintain cluster approach to unleash steel sector’s potential

Metal Expert 2022 / 09 / 23 Being focused for several years on the development of a cluster model for the local industrial sector, Saudi Arabia intends to use this approach further. The Kingdom’s steel sector is about to get more business opportunities for unleashing its potential owing to more efficient operations, import substitution, as well as stronger positions in the global market.

Strong economic fundamentals to support Saudi industrial and steel sector

Metal Expert 2022 / 10 / 05 Saudi Arabia is heading towards a new era of development, where a comprehensive approach to every sector of the economy will help enhance the sustainability of the Kingdom. These structural changes have a direct impact on the steel industry as the forecasted economic growth and financial success will contribute to the well-being of the industrial sector.