Suliman Almazroua

Eng. Suliman Almazroua

Chief Executive Officer

Eng. Suliman Almazroua, CEO of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP). He leads to change and strives for innovation at this important stage of the program to contribute to achieving the strategic objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Eng. Suleiman is also a member of the Board of Directors of Wadi Taiba Company, and the Board of Directors of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Center of the World Economic Forum “WEF”.

In recent roles prior to his assignment as Head of the Program Office, he acted as Executive Director in the National Transformation Program, the NTP program was mandated to achieve the 37 strategic objectives of Vision 2030. Almazroua also acted as the Director General of the Delivery and Rapid Intervention Center where he managed a team of over 90 professionals to support the delivery of Vision 2030 goals.

Eng. Almazroua received his Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in 2001 and his master’s degree in business administration from Hull University (UK) in 2006. He also participated in many global leadership programs, including Program Management from Rice University, Executive Program of Harvard University and Advanced Management Program from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

Since then, he has gained a wealth of experience in technical, managerial, and leadership roles in the industrial sector; he began his career in Saudi Aramco in the technical field and then he moved to the managerial field, both experiences contributed to shaping his technical, managerial and leadership skills.

In 2011, Almazroua was appointed as Manager of the International Operations for Saudi Aramco in Houston, USA where he contributed to establishing North America Satellite Research and Development Centers, improved Cybersecurity Posture in all Saudi Aramco international offices, and technical management of the healthcare sector in Saudi Aramco.

Almazroua acquired the technical skills and industry knowledge that enabled him to build a unique problem-solving ability. Equipped with his skills and work ethics, Almazroua aspires to play a pivotal role in KSA’s most prominent Vision Realization Program, NIDLP, which is focused on transforming Saudi Arabia into a pioneering industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub by integrating growth in four key sectors: Mining, Industry, Logistics, and Energy (with focus on Industry 4.0) in line with Vision 2030.